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Since everyone else appears to be doing this, I suppose I should as well. Frankly, both of the year and the decade have been, I think, rather disappointing. In fact, disappointing is, if anything, rather an understatement. Probably a more accurate description would be to call them a total waste of time.

Looking back over those two time periods, I do not think I have done anything of any significance. I am basically in exactly the same position as I was at the start of these times, except that I don't have a job. I have had all sorts of wonderful ideas of what I could do, but almost all of them have fallen through, or been ignored. I may have grown old, but I haven't grown.

Let's see what has happened over the last year or so:
  • Left work at Anite.
  • Been to a total of three gigs: two for The Pipettes, and the Jonathan Coulton gig.
  • Had a three month contract doing python testing. Not exactly a high point, as I wasn't the person they really needed.
  • A quick trip up to Edinburgh. I had gotten bored just sitting around doing nothing, so I decided to get away for a week, and went up to Edinburgh with just a few days notice.
  • I suppose I should add in learning a couple of new computer things. I have learnt the basics of C#, Django and photoshop.
  • Joined the ACM.
  • Failed to join the BCS.
  • Applied for a number of jobs, none of which I have got. I'm still waiting to hear about Bloomberg, they said they hoped to have it all done by the end of the year - I tried phoning the agent earlier today, but I suspect he is on holiday.
  • Got the voice recognition system. Good when I can think of stuff to write with it.
  • Got the iPhone.
  • Big sis got cancer, but it's believed to have been caught in time.
  • Got a letter published in the back of a comic.

Not really a lot of interest there.

Maybe I'll get it right next year.


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