Dec. 1st, 2009

Gig review: Jonathan Coulton

On Friday, 13 November, I went to see Jonathan Coulton, and Paul and Storm, at the Union Chapel near Highbury and Islington. I'm not sure how I found out about this, but I think I must have come across it somewhere on Internet. It's quite possible that someone else posted about it and I just thought I would go

Getting to the gig itself was a minor adventure, as the underground was half closed for various reasons, and I almost got lost on the way from the tube station. As the tube was half closed, had not realised this, I had to rework my journey on the fly, and ended up taking longer than I expected. Once out of the tube station, I had minor issues are lining the map with the reality and ended up walking down the street is a couple of times. Fortunately this did not delay in me significantly.

When I got at the union Chapel, I found that there was a lot of people will be queuing up for the gig. I think there were a lot of people in geeky T-shirts and hats of geek style. After working my way to the end of the queue, and doing it, I checked it out, and found that Aquarion was already in the queue but further ahead of me. at some point, I was joined by a few more people, I think they're actually five people in the group, but is only two of them showed up first. The couple were a rather cute gay couple, though I wasn't entirely sure about this at first. One of these was a largish gentleman, while the other was a rather androgynous person, who I wasn't entirely sure was male.

They tweeted that they are in the queue, and included my name in the tweet. This enabled me to identify who they were, and are subsequently found out that the person I was confused about what actually an F2M transsexual, which explained my confusion.
While we were waiting, a ticket tout went down the line trying to buy and sell tickets. I don't think he did very well, due to the geekyness of the audience and the way the tickets were sold.

At some point, they started letting people in, but separated into two groups, those who had bought the tickets and those who had bought electronic tickets. I don't know what happened to the people who had proper tickets, but we were checked in separately to ensure that we had valid tickets.

Once inside, I wandered around a bit, looking for somewhere to sit, but fortunately I was recognised by Aquarion and the other people I knew who were going. I ended up at the end of one of the pews, with nobody on my left. The union Chapel is a very impressive place-as its name suggests, it was, and possibly still is, a chapel. The stage is at the front of the chapel, where the pulpit is, and surrounded the pulpit.

first up was Paul and Storm, who are basically a humorous singing pair. Their first song what was once called Opening Band, which is about being the opening band on tour. After that there was a number of the songs, as you would expect. During the singing of "Opening Band", there was a line about maybe throwing knickers on stage, and a few people in the audience, obviously expecting this, threw some knickers on stage. These were mostly, as far as I could tell, men's knickers. There was something involving Jaffa cakes, that I could not understand, but this is obviously a part of their regular act. I think Paul and Storm were on for around an hour. There was a short break, during which myself and Paul Ellis went to get drinks.

After the break, Jonathan Coulton came on. Not sure I can say about him, but I enjoyed it.again he did a number of song,including one in which he rick-rolled the audience.

I think I preferred Paul and storm to Jonathan Coulton, but they were both great fun. I'm not sure I would be as much of a fanatic as other geeks are, but it was well worth going to.

After the gig, I purchased a copy of Jonathan Coulton's CD, and a three pack of the Paul and Storm CDs. On the way home, I had the usual issues with the trains mucking things up, due to the incoming train being delayed due to it being defective. However, I managed to get home okay.


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