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What happens when you go past a hair dresser while in a odd mood.

Bethany was having a good hair day. This was unusual for her, since normally her waist length hair misbehaved to the limits of its ability.

So far today, her hair had only picked up a couple of pencils and attempted to knock a full coffee mug onto the floor, but she had managed to catch the mug before it could smash and cause a big mess in the coffee shop.

There had been the cute young boy in the queue at the shops, but he had had a very pert bum, and she wasn't entirely sure that she hadn't wanted to grope him herself. Fortunately, her hands had been full when he turned round, and she had been able to project an aura of innocence.

On bad hair days, Bethany had a lot more problems. Her hair would try to grab hold of anything that it could and throw it around the room. Shopping would become a nightmare, as her hair would fill her shopping basket with stuff that she had absolutely no interest in. These usually tended to be things that would embarrass her at the check out, such as 16 boxes of condoms.

Of course, this was nothing compared to her evil hair days.
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