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A few Saturdays back, I got mugged by Susan while walking through Victoria station. Metaphorically speaking, she grabbed me by the neck, and slammed me up against the wall. This was triggered by the usual things - the sight of several women in the sort of clothes that I want to wear. This seems to happen quite a lot there.

I know what she wants. To be normal. To go out, to get out, to buy new shoes and a dress, and to spend the night out on the town, dancing and drinking and having fun. To live, not just the high life, but the ordinary life. All the things I don't do.

The problem is, she's expensive. Not really in money, but in time. She can't come out at home, which means that I have to do things like arrange places to change, and getting stuff there, and planning in advance. This means that she cannot do small or spontaneous things, but only planned stuff.

Can I reduce the fixed costs of Susan? How do I reduce the fixed costs of Susan?

Places that Susan can come out to play:

* Home. Not really worth it. While the family know, they've never seen Susan, and it's probably a bad idea to introduce her at this late a stage. Also, what's the point? All the fun is in being out and about.

* Work. Not the best idea. Actually, I might get away with this - one of the big bosses is more than cool about it, but I'm not sure how the rest of work would react :)

* Conventions. The DiscWorld convention is coming up in August, and I'm pretty sure that Susan will spend some time there, but I'm not sure that it's soon enough to save me from injury. Unfortunately, this clashes with 9 worlds Geek Fest, which would also have been a very good place to go.

* London. There is quite a lot of stuff that she could do in London, some TG / gay related, and some normal stuff. One obvious thing is the Sunday Assembly, having been preceded by theatre and disco.

* Brighton. Pretty stereotypical, and I'm not sure that there is really enough to keep us going for the weekend.

* Elsewhere?


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