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Yesterday, I had this idea for a little cultural "thing", that might work quite well in the more bohemian areas of London. I call it "The Drawing Room".

It's a rather literal name, as it's basically a room, with good natural light, where you can go, just to sit down and draw stuff, while around other people who just want to draw. To spice it up a bit, there would be a couple of object on display, so people could have something to draw. These would be changed on a daily basis, so there would always be something new to draw. The object could vary between a vase, a statue, a piece on clothing on a mannequin, etc,

This could be run by one of the London museums, or somewhere similar. If they stuck it by the coffee shop, and had art materials on sale (sponsored by one of the art shops?), it might even turn out to be reasonably profitable. Alternatively a coffe shop / cafe could run this a few times a month,  as a semi-social event. There is something called Dr Sketchy ( http://www.drsketchylondon.co.uk/) , but I get the feeling that that is more hardcore rather than a drop in / social scene thing.


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