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Just got back from seeing Fascinating Aida with Gideon Hallet and Francesca (sp?). As usual, they were great fun with a mixture of rude, humorous and poignant songs.

Everytime I come across FA, they appear to change the young blonde singer, and this time was no different. Though, since they said she had been with them for 8 years, I'm obviously not coming across them that often.

The Kings Head theatre is a tiny room behind a pub, with very close seats and little spare room for long legs. I had to sit with mine at odd angles so that I could fit. Due to being at the back of the queue to enter, our party got splitup with me and Gideon at the front and Francesca on her own near the middle of the room.

The only problem I had was that they started late, which meant they finished late, which meant I could not catch the tube, which meant I caught a slow bus, which meant I missed my train, which meant I had to take a taxi from Purley, which cost me £20. At least I now know there is a late night option to get home if I'm having a v. late London trip.

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