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Mar. 30th, 2010 09:10 pm
[personal profile] scallan
After my interview with InfoShare, I had a quick phone chat with them, to sort a few things out, and I was then offered a position as a senior developer, doing C++, python and automated testing stuff. As it seemed a reasonably interesting position, and better than anything else that appeared to be coming down the line, I accepted the position, and started work last Monday.

So far, the best description of the job is "blah". I've been there for over a week, and I've done very little. I haven't even got a decent PC to use - the current one I have has 768M of RAM, and randomly attempts to install software that we can't find the install discs for. My PC should have been there the day I arrived, but it was late, and was then given to someone else, and I'm getting their second hand system, which they have spent a week cleaning up. For the of the time I've wasted, they could have bought me 2 PCs. Hopefully, once I get a workable PC, I can get some serious work done.

The people are nice, and I have already been shanghaied in squash - in my first ever game, I lost 8-4 (the 8 points I lost were due to me missing easy returns, the 4 I won were due to me accidentally creating un-returnable bounces).

Travel is a bit of an issue. Getting up at 6:30 for the 7:20 train isn't a problem, but getting home at 7:15 is, despite not having much to do in the evenings. With a bit of thinking and planning, I should be able to trip half an hour off the trip home.
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