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I've reworked my CV to try to make me look better, but I think it still needs a lot more 'bigging-up'. Would anyone like to comment on it?


Talented software developer with over 20 years of experience covering the complete software development life cycle, seeks a challenging development role.

Areas of expertise

  • My primary programming languages are C++ (over 15 years of experience using both MSVC (2008 and earlier) and Borland Builder, with the STL and Boost libraries), and Python (over 5 years experience). I can also program in Java, Javascript and C#.

  • Some experience with web development, using Apache, Django, Javascript, SQL, HTML and CSS.

  • Windows GUI design.

  • Multi-threaded and 'soft' real time systems.

  • I have over 15 years of experience in communications protocols, such as HTTP, TCP/IP, MMS, SIP, GSM, UMTS / 3G, etc. covering almost all the layers of the protocol stack, from layer 7 to layer 2.

  • Development tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, MK Source Integrity, Visual Source Safe, Subversion, Bugzilla, Install Shield Professional, Visual Build Professional.


I have a significant amount of experience with hands-on, on the job learning, as my work has frequently required me to work in areas where I had previously had little or no experience.

Most of my work has been using C++ under Windows, using both Borland and Microsoft Visual Studio, with Python and Java being used on smaller projects, and I have done some development work on Linux systems.

Sabbatical – July 2009 to present

Ultra Electronics, Cambridge – April 2009 to June 2009

Development of Python test scripts, including extracting requirements, defining test specifications, creating test scripts, and running them on the target system.

Sabbatical – October 2008 to March 2009

This was a chance to take some time off, to relax and do non work related activities.

Anite Wireless, Fleet, Hampshire – 1994 to September 2008

Anite develop mobile telecoms network emulators for use by developers, testers and mobile network operators to verify the behaviour of mobile phones during development, release and use on live networks. These cover all the interactions between the mobile phone and the network.

As a senior software engineer, my primary responsibilities were:

  • Development of requirements and specifications of new features.

  • Development of applications GUIs.

  • Development and support of telecoms and TCP/IP protocol stacks.

  • Development of mobile phone application level features.

  • Mentoring and reviewing code of junior team members.

  • Development and administration of project VCS and build system.

Most work was developing using C++ (MSVC / Borland) though some projects used Java and Python.

SAS - Mobile phone network emulator and application tester

Design, development and support of an interactive and scripted mobile phone network emulator. SAS emulates a full 2G / 3G mobile network, allowing developers, testers and network operators to test all the features of the mobile phone. It is primarily developed in C++, with additional software written in Python and Java.

MMS and PoC tester

Development of a tester for MMS (picture messaging) and Press to Talk over Cellular running over TCP/IP on mobile phones. This was written using a mixture of Python, Java and C++. I was required to design and develop the system infrastructure, which would enable customers to develop their own test scripts, and to co-ordinate with an external third party who developed MMS test cases.

Test case generator

Development of a graphical tool for writing mobile phone protocol sequences. This allowed developers to write simplified protocol sequences, and generated C++ code used to control the lower level network emulator API

Conformance tool set

The conformance tool set is a system for running tests written in TTCN. It consists of a TTCN compiler and related runt time system. My responsibility was to create the Campaign Manager for controlling the tests, and to develop the run time system needed by the code generated by the TTCN compiler.

Miscellaneous projects

Panasonic mobile phone

Globalstar satellite phone.

Nortel telephone exchange billing system.

Inmarsat satellite phone.

GPT Videotext and Secure Systems, Borehamwood, London – 1988 to 1994

Support and development for Austrian and Hungarian Videotext systems.

Development of a Unix device driver to enable the replacement of obsolete hardware.

Development of an interface between a voice mail server, and Videotext servers.


Targeting the GCC C/C++ compiler to the Acorn RISC OS platform. This included a full runtime system. By the end of my involvement, I was leading a team of 4-5 people, before I handed responsibility over to another of the developers.

Minor enhancements to the port of Python to the Acorn RISC OS platform.

Acorn Computers, Cambridge – 1987

Customer support during university summer holiday.

Education and Training

Photoshop – Central St Martins College.

Fashion Drawing - Central St Martins College.

Introduction to Graphic Design – London College of Communication

Introduction to Fashion Design – London College of Fashion.

OO Analysis and Design – QA training

Interpersonal Skills – Corporate Training

Recursive Design / Object-Oriented Analysis – Kennedy Carter

BSc. Computer Science (3rd), Sheffield University (1985 – 1988)

Long Road 6th form college. (A-Levels, maths, physics, chemistry)

Impington Village College.


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