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I had my second stage job interview today. I think it went okay, with the usual exceptions.

Getting to the interview itself was a fun proposition. The first problem I had was the new shoes I had purchased yesterday. As with all new work shoes, the soles are so slick that I found it almost impossible to walk up the icy slope leading from my flat. Having managed to get halfway up the slope, I decided that I was slipping so badly that I would not make it alive to the Railway Station. I then quickly shot back into the flat, picked up my trainers, and changed into them, carrying my shoes in my hands. I then dashed over to the station, fearing that I might have missed my train. This turned out to be irrelevant, as the trains were running so badly that the train that should have left 15 minutes before I got there didn't turn up for another half-hour.

When it did decide to turn up, it took a lot longer than normal to reach London. As a result of the late arrival in London, I had a lot less time to get to Bloomberg's office than I had planned for, and I ended up arriving there a bit late. The interview itself was probably the second hardest interview I've had, at least on the technical side, on the personal side it was definitely the hardest. The interviewer had three main phases, a technical interview, less technical interview from management, and a talk with the HR person. I think I did okay in the interview, but I probably could have done better but I don't know how. With luck I did good enough that I will get the follow up of them offering me a position. If they do offer me it, I'm pretty certain I will accept.

The job and the company itself sounds like it's going to be very interesting, but incredibly challenging. I'm pretty certain I want the position, despite the fact that they start work at eight o'clock the morning. This would mean that I would have to do my sleepy hours around a bit so that I could wake up about six o'clock in the morning, rather than my current midafternoon.

After the interview, on the way back to the station, the snow really started in, and in the short walk from the office to the bus stop, I got severely plastered in snow. The bus journey back to station itself was very slow, probably due to the weather. When we got to the station, I got a bit lost trying to find my way into it, and got even more snowed on.

My train was at the station, as I arrived, but I decided to take a risk and grab some food for getting the train. I still managed to catch the train, but due to the snow, the previous train had been cancelled and we were packed out with commuters who would normally be on another train.

The journey itself was rather boring, as I was less than happy with the book I had taken with me, and O2 were having problems with their data network, and I couldn't catch up with the Internet. When I got to Fleet, the station itself was under quite a bit of snow, and the snow was still coming down.

Pausing to change my shoes and replace with my trainers so that I wouldn't slip over, I dashed home to the delights of a freezing cold flat.
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