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At the start of last week, I decided that I was going to do one of the Christmas courses at the Central Martins College up in London. There were a number of courses I was interested in, mainly ones involving Flash and Photoshop. I decided to do the Photoshop course, as it seemed that it would be one that I would find more useful. It's a rather expensive course, but with five days tuition in a very small class, of just five people, I think that the money will be well worth it. While I could probably learn the stuff I'll be taught just from web courses, I doubt that I would actually get around to it.

The course itself is quite fun, and in two days I have already started cutting and pasting images around, sticking them back together and doing complicated things involving layers. The class itself is, as I said, small and most of the other pupils are quite young, probably in their 20s, though there is one other person of my age I would say. I am the only male in the class, though so far it does not appear to have made any difference.

Yesterday, I received a message from one of the job agents, the one dealing with Bloomberg, asking me to get in touch with him. I managed to phone him at about three o'clock today, only to hear that so far he had not heard from them and that he had phoned me to see if I had. As I hadn't, he decided to chase them up further.

He then phoned me back. As I was busy at the time, he had to leave a message on my voicemail, but it appears that the Bloomberg wants to see me again, or rather see me for the first time in a follow-up to my phone interview.

As I am busy on my course, I won't be able to see them this week, but I hope to arrange for a proper interview on Monday of next week.
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