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I suppose I should post an update as to the state of my sister. As a quick summary, she's fine.

In more detail:

A few weeks back, my sister collapsed with a very painful stomach while at work. She had had a few problems with her stomach, and she thought it was one of those things where bits of the stomach are poking out into the wrong place, and she was going to see the doctor at some point. As work for my sister is a hospital, when she collapsed, the other nurses in her ward took her straight down to accident and emergency, where she was seen immediately and run through a full set of tests. Those first set of test was such that they decided to run a second set of tests, and the second tests showed that she had a mild case of bowel cancer.

She was quickly scheduled for an operation to remove the cancer, and she went in about a week ago, on Sunday and they operated on her on Monday. From the sounds of it, the operation went on a bit longer than they had expected, but they have completely cleaned her out, including her appendix.

When I went to see her this weekend, she looked a bit haggard, but apparently better than she had previously. Due to issues with her stomach, she had a pipe in her nose down to the stomach, which made her look very much like a wicked witch with a long, hooked nose.

Part of the result of Bridget's diagnosis was a recommendation that the rest of the family should be checked out as well. As a result, I went to see the doctor on Friday, and he will be making arrangements to me to make arrangements to have myself checked out for bowel cancer as well. My journey home after seeing the doctor was a bit odd, as I certainly felt the impact of the events and had to stop and get off my bike to wait for the shivers to go away.


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