When I was in New York, shoe shopping, I tried on a couple of pairs of wedge heeled shoes. For some reason I didn'tt like the way they felt when walking - they were too stable, I prefer the uncertainty of a wobbly stiletto heel.


Jul. 24th, 2005 09:26 pm
I was born. There are a few other things that I know about my birth. I know the date, but not the day. I know the approximate time. I believe that I know the reason for my birth. This was related to the fact that I have two sisters, both older then me.
Unlike my sisters who were born at the local hospital, I was born at home. As such, We can be reasonably certain that I was not swapped for another child by an evil or incompetent nurse.
Home was, at that time, somewhere near the centre of Cambridge, though precisely where, I cannot say without asking someone who knows.


Jul. 24th, 2005 09:26 pm
In Cambridge, there is a market square. As you would expect, a market is held here six days a week. When I lived there, one of the stalls that would be there on a Saturday was a second hand book stall. I say was, as it is not there anymore.
As you would expect, there was a rather eclectic selection of books, including sci-fi and romance. I don't know when noticed it, but there was also a little closed off section full of magazines in plastic bags. Being below the age at which one was allowed to purchase magazine in plastic bags, I probably approached this section with trepidation.
While I cannot remember the precise contents of these bags, I expected that they were a mixture of standard top-shelf mags, and more exotic items.
Two magazines that I am certain were present were "Madame" and "World of Transvestism", both by the evocativley named Swish Publications. The major content of these magazines were letters, stores and photos, all submitted by the readers. As a result, the content was distinctively erratic.


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