It appears the Italian job has gone off the rails. While I told the agent that I needed more information before I accepted, he told the client that I had accepted. As a result, my talking about changing the dates of the contract went down like a lead balloon.

Due to the agents behaviour ('accidentally' setting up the contact via my umbrella company, reducing the rate of the contract), and being less than inspired by Florence, I was pretty much against accepting the contract, so I'm not that bothered.

The only thing that annoys me is that the client has the wrong view of me, so I have sent of an email to the agent, cc'd to the client, correcting a few of the things he said. We'll have to see what the response is.
I've got this offer for a 4 month contract in Florence, Italy. I think I'm going to turn it down, but I'm incredibly conflicted about it.
It's experience abroad.
I'd be working on stuff that I mostly understand.
Expenses would be paid by them, unlike my current job.
I would be abroad for 4 months. I'm not good away from my routine. This current job is bad enough for me.
This is happening too fast. The job would start in two and a half weeks, and I need time to get myself sorted out.
The pay would be less than I getting in the current contract.
I'm not sure how this would affect my OU stuff - the tutorials would definitely be an issue, as my tutor is very unlikely to phone abroad.
I would be in Florence for several months.

What do I do?
I think the major thing is the speed at which it's happening. If I had a month or two to sort myself (my mind) out, I think I'd jump at it.

Maybe ...

Maybe I could delay things a bit. If I tell them that I have things I need to do over the next couple of months that would prevent me taking the offer immediately, but that I would be available from the start of August.
This would give me time to sort myself out, while still earning money as I could extend my contract with Praxis/Ultra till the end of July.

I think that this is my least bad option. If CommProve won't accept this, I think the pluses of the job are such that I won't be that bothered.

Comments anyone? I have to make this decision by 7AM tomorrow.
I'm beginning to think that I'm going to turn down the new contract job. When it was first proposed, I thought that the job would be a mixture of time in Fleet and Florence. It appears that it's actually full time in Florence, and frankly I'm not the sort of person who like going abroad.
So far, what I know about the job is:
  1. It's for a company called CommProve
  2. I'd be working in Florence.
  3. Someone from Anite recommended me
  4. I'd be abroad for 4 months
  5. It pays less than my current position
    I haven't a clue what they actually want me me do, what language I'd be doing it in, or anything else I need to to make a decision.
    The only solid thing I know it that they agent appears to have jumped the gun a bit and got the job set up through my umbrella company, which might (or might not) severely fuck things up if I (as looks likely) extend my contract at Ultra.
It's going all wibbly again.

1) I'm scheduled to re-new my contract in the next couple of days, for another 2 months.
2) A company called CommProve are looking at a 6 month contract in Fleet and Florence. An ex-Anite person (one of two Anurags) there has strongly recommended me.
3) A company called AirCom International are looking for a phone interview on Wednesday.
4) I haven't heard from Tridium since the interview. That looks like a no.

Currently, I'm thinking of taking option 2, but I'll have to think about it. If I do take it, mum will want to visit me out there.
The job approach that I mentioned earlier has some interesting aspects. It appears that the company is almost (but not quite) opposite Anite. If I get the job there, my journey to work would be about 5 minutes longer.


May. 19th, 2009 07:12 pm
Interesting. Just got an approach from job agency for a telecoms company. Apparently someone the company knows me and recommends me highly. I wonder who it is?
I've just realised - while I'm down in Cambridge contracting, I'm staying in a B&B, which means that I won't have evening meals provided.
Due to this, I'm going to have to find some cheap, healthy restaurants in the centre of Cambridge to have my evening meal in.
Do any of my Cambridge readers have any good suggestions?


Mar. 9th, 2009 04:27 pm
It appears that I am not moving to Stevenage / Cambridge in the next few days. Over the weekend, the people at Astrium had another thought, and decided that they needed solid UML for the tight deadline project that they are working on.
As such, they have decided not to give me a job.
If they need UML that much, I can sort of agree with them, as UML is not one of my strong points, but I'm egotistical enough to think that I could get up to speed on it within their deadlines.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 05:14 pm
You devise just turned me down, ad it seemed like such a nice place.
Now to start reasoning why it would have been the wrong place to go. :)
Off to inverview. Hope it all goes well.
I think my interview went well. They seem like a fun place to work - agile development, with Python on linux, pair programming, test driven development, etc.
Horsham itself seems a nice area, with the only downside being that it's a lot closer to mum and the rest of the family :)
It's amazing how hard it is to reply to job agency emails, until you actually get around to doing so, when it becomes piss easy. :)
I'm sitting, starting, at a "Send this job application" button, and I'm scared to press it. I'm not sure that I'm the right match for the job, but it looks like a good one to try for. I can't see any downsides to doing this, but I'm just scared to commit myself, not to the job, but the process of looking for a job.

It's now fractionally over a week since I had my job interview. In that time I have heard nothing much. On Friday, after chasing it up, I got a response from the pimp saying that the initial response was positive.
The question is, is no new goods news? Does this mean that they aren't going to bother with me, or that I'm still on the list?

I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went reasonably well, and I hope I get called by in for a second interview.
The company are in a new-ish tower block about 10-15  minutes walk from Basingstoke station. The building is so new, that the roof is still leaking.


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