Going out

Sep. 15th, 2009 02:17 pm

I might be going out on Friday. Actually, I am going out, unless I chicken out.
There's this social meetup site, which has a social group in Basingstoke. They hold regular-ish meets, and i've signed up, and said that I'll go to a meet this Friday. It should be fun, if it's not too terrifying.
The social balance of the meet is interesting - 11 female and 3 males, which should give me plenty of chances to screw things up.

Today's achievements are:
  • Got out of bed (seemingly trivial, but a lot harder that I would normally expect).
  • Tidied up bedroom. Not a lot of effort, and I still want to move the desk a bit, to put the laptop on it, but still done.
  • Got ready for not a date 2.

  • Walk round Fleet Pond.
  • Commit to Geek Night.
  • Clear out pending job emails
  • Apply for a couple of jobs.
  • Attempt to apply for OU course.
  • Start PHP programing stuff.
I've decide to try to keep track of the various things I have 'achieved', just so I can feel better about myself

  • Walked around Fleet pond.
  • Kitchen tidied.
  • Application sent to Mendeley.
  • Application sent to You Devise.
  • Diary brought up to date.


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