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I have finally gotten the point to where I am going to have to look for a new job. This one is getting so frustrating - nothing new, I'm not learning new stuff, and the commute is *so* bad that I'm tempted to buy a car or a motorbike just to get avoid the multiple trains journeys involved. It's also got to the point where I'm considering strangling all three of my cow-orkers. The big boss is currently on holiday, so he gets to survive.

The only question is what to do? Well, the first thing is obvious, find a new job, but what sort of a job? I'm pretty much struck with software engineering, it's about all the skills I have, and, most of the time, I enjoy it.

I think I should ignore my current skill set when choosing what I want, as I'm egotistical enough to think I can learn anything I need to learn, but what do I want?

  • Must be commutable without a car. I'm a crap driver, and don't enjoy it.
  • The commute must not require me to hang around at railway stations, waiting for a connection that never comes.
  • Company size - bigger than current place (10 people in office), and a better gender balance (1 +1/2 women in office, and always in other clique).
  • Company must do something significant. Banking / finance sort of feels wrong.
  • Must have decent IT setup. Something where I don't have to worry that things will go bang.
  • While I'm pretty reluctant to relocate, I think I should make the only geographical limitations to be English speaking. America / Australia / Ireland could be fun, and to be honest, I have *nothing* holding me here.
  • If / when I move, the place has to have a bit of a nightlife that is easily accessible without hour long journeys or having to leave early to catch the train. Some places that I can let Susan out to play.
  • They must have working project management. I am sick to death of working off 3rd generation rumours when trying to implement a feature.

Job itself:

My primary skills are C++ / Python with Java, HTML, etc as side lines. I think I'd like to work on something different what I've done before, possibly web based. I definitely want up to date technology.


This will be the hard part. I really, really hate talking to people that I don't know, either on the phone, via mail or in person. Frankly, it scares the life out of me. Unfortunately, I can't really see any way of avoiding the issue.

Accepting this, where do I start looking? I don't want the sort of place where you get random calls from job pimps, about jobs that you haven't applied for, and that have absolutely no interest to you.

The first obvious place is stack overflow careers. Are there any companies that I should be looking directly at?
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