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Anyone who's been following my twitter feed over the last few days has probably realised that I'm writing a story. The back story to the story is rather long for going intro at the moment, but this is a fragment from it.

Basic outline to this point is that Mike has found out about a forced femme organisation, only moments before they find out about him and forcibly recruit him into their school. The school is run by Ms Sloane, and there are already 12 girls going through the school This extract happens several months down the road when Michelle (Mike) has settled down and found his inner girl.

Michelle borrows all the girls to help run a Thursday to Sunday conference arranged by Ms Sloane. Oddly enough, there are exactly 12 attendees (10 male, 2 female), and the ideas is that each one will have the use of one of the girls as a personal assistant during the course of the conference. On Saturday, there will be a formal dinner, with the girls all dressed to kill, though the numbers will be unbalanced (10 males / 16 females).

## Ending.

Michelle started speaking over the celebratory noise that the other girls were making, "I think, no, I *know* that we managed to pull this off. There were a few dodgy moments, but fast reactions on everyone's part managed to ensure that none of the guests spotted them. I was impressed, Ms. Sloane was impressed, and the guests were impressed."

"Talking of impressed," Michelle continued, "Susan? I don't want to know what you did, but you appear to have impressed Mr McGregor enough that he asked me to pass his phone number on to you. He also said that you could call him any time."

"If you don't want to know, I won't tell you, but he is cute," said Susan, licking her lips, "and *very* tasty."

"TMI, dear, TMI. Rebecca, you appear to have been equally impressive to Mr Rogers, though I would have thought that he was a little too old for you."

"Some go for cute, and some go for maturity, though I do think he's just as tasty as Susan's"

"I don't know, some girls. Jasmine? *Mrs* Rogers?"

"Well, they did ask for separate beds, and she finds me *very* tasty."

"If we ever do anything like this again, the first thing I am going to do is buy the lot of you chastity belts!"


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