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Dave contemplated death. Most people only contemplate death when they, or someone they know, is about to die. All of the people that Dave knew and cared about were in perfect health, and seemed likely to live for many more years. As such, Dave was only worried about his own death. What annoyed Dave the most was that this was the fifth time this week he had been forced to contemplate his death.

In most weeks, he only had to contemplate it at most once, and in the lucky times, he only had to contemplate his death on a monthly basis. When Dave had taken the job at the storage company, he had expected it to be a relatively safe position. Okay, they had been looking for an Igor, but apart from that it had looked quite harmless. Dave should have known better.

For most people, when they consider their own death, they usually consider either how they are going to die, or if there is a heaven for them to go to after death. In Dave's case, he was contemplating the mess that he would have to clean up after his death. From the looks of it, his death was about to be a particularly messy one, and he was expecting his boss to complain about the state that it would leave the office in.

Dave stared down the huge barrel of the gun. As always, looking at a gun from this angle made the barrel look absolutely enormous. "This isn't going to help," said Dave, "you're only going to cause a mess, and that will make me very annoyed."

The person on the other end of the barrel said "Why should I be bothered about you being annoyed? You'll be dead, and any annoyance you are suffering from, will be the problem of the receiving angels."

"A number of people have expressed similar sentiments.", said Dave. "As you can see, I am still around to be annoyed by people making those comments, and most of them are dead. Okay, they have often manage to kill me, but as you can see, that rarely sticks."
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