Sep. 17th, 2013

I never know what to do about Susan. There are three obvious options that I can do - kill her off, let her out very occasionally on high days and holidays, or really let her out to play.

Killing her probably wouldn't be that easy - she's been with me, for good or for ill, for over three decades, and has never been far away for all that time. I may have ignored her for long periods but she never really been gone from my mind.

Currently, Susan gets very few chances to get out - it mostly appears to be the DWCon. I regret missing the chance for Nine Worlds, since it was the sort of thing that was aimed at her. (Naturally, next years clashed precisely with the DWCon, so she won't be going to that either).

Taking her out more often is a bit of issue, as she cannot really appear at home (even if Bridget has not issues,, she will inevitably mention it to Mum, and Mum interferes so), and the walk into town would be a massive pain.

This means that anything I do would have to be an arranged event, but what can I do where Susans presence would add to the moment? For most things, the important part is being there, part of the experience, and I'm not sure how much Susan would add to it - possibly the more formal occasions where you go all out formal with the posh dress, etc.


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